If you are a corporate executive or professional facing a legal challenge at your place of employment, you have more than just your income on the line; your professional reputation is your curriculum vitae. The outcome of your career may very well hang on the outcome of your employment dispute.

At Warren & Siurek, L.L.P., we advise and represent executives, professionals and highly compensated individuals throughout the Greater Houston metropolitan area and Southeast Texas. Our practice is focused entirely on employment law.

Our clients include:

  • Business executives, officers and directors
  • Technical specialists, including engineers, research scientists and licensed professionals
  • Academic professionals, including university professors and college administrators
  • Highly compensated sales professionals
  • Physicians and other licensed health care professionals

Our litigation experience includes cases related to:

A Severance Agreement Is A Legal Contract
Have you been handed a severance agreement that you are not sure about? Have you been dismissed from your position and feel you are entitled to a severance agreement? Before you sign anything or respond to your employer, sit down with one of our attorneys.

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