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Your job is your livelihood and your family's financial security. Texas is referred to as an "at will" employment state, which means that there are typically no written contractual employment obligations between an employer and an employee.

If you work for an hourly wage or salary and feel your employer is violating your rights under Texas or federal law, turn to Warren & Siurek, L.L.P., for help. From our offices in Houston, our attorneys aggressively protect the rights of workers throughout Southeast Texas. Employment law is all we do.

What Does "At Will" Employment Mean For Salaried And Hourly Workers?

Companies have the right to hire and terminate employees to meet their business needs and workers have the right to voluntarily resign at any time. Generally, neither the employer nor the worker is bound to meeting any contractual obligation, unless an employment agreement has been signed by both parties.

But at will employment does not mean the employer is not bound by certain state and federal laws regarding workplace protections. Companies are not allowed to discriminate against employees if the workplace discrimination or harassment is a violation of their civil rights.

Some common types of illegal discrimination or harassment are based on:

  • Race or ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Medical leaves of absence
  • Religion

In addition to civil rights violations, employers are also prohibited from taking illegal retaliatory actions against you for reporting discriminatory conduct or participating in an investigation of a complaint relating to discrimination in the workplace.

If you are a worker with a disability and your employer is not meeting the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended (ADA), you may benefit from enhanced protections under federal law.

Wage And Hour Laws

Employers are bound by federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations regarding compensation.

Broadly, FLSA regulations cover:

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