Common Overtime Violators

In the wake of President Obama's announcement regarding his plan to make more employees eligible to receive overtime pay, CNN reports that many workers who are already entitled to overtime pay are not being paid correctly. In the report, CNN identifies ten (10) industries frequently investigated by the Department of Labor for overtime violations. The biggest overtime violators according to CNN are:

1. Full-service restaurants

2. Fast food restaurants

3. Hotels and motels

4. Child day care services

5. Gas station convenience stores

6. Nursing homes

7. Security guards

8. Grocery stores

9. Janitorial services

10. Doctor's offices

Although the type of violations vary, they frequently include employees being paid the same hourly rate of pay for all hours worked rather than being paid time and one-half for overtime hours worked. Some employers pay employees who are eligible for overtime a salary rather than an hourly wage to avoid overtime compensation. Finally, some employees must report to work early, stay late or attend mandatory training "off-the-clock."

If you or someone you know works in these industries, it is possible that you, or they, are not being paid correctly. To determine if you are being paid correctly, make copies of your paystubs and/or work schedules and consult with an employment attorney who concentrates in this area.