Should You Be Paid Hourly?

Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations are clear about the guidelines that must be followed when classifying an employee as salaried or hourly. The common term used for a salaried worker is "exempt" as the employer is exempt from meeting certain regulations related to overtime and hourly wage requirements. The legal term "nonexempt" refers to employees who are entitled to be paid a minimum wage and overtime compensation pursuant to federal wage and hour requirements.

Unfortunately, many employers have decided that classifying a worker as exempt means they can expect longer hours with no overtime pay requirement. "Greater flexibility" for the worker is usually the tradeoff the employer falls back on, but the reality is that many salaried workers do not meet the FLSA criteria as an exempt worker.

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We will review your circumstances and help you decide whether you have a legitimate case for legal action to force a reclassification.

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