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Noncompete agreement enforcement level and entrepreneurship

Noncompete agreements can limit what kinds of job offers an employee could take or what kinds of jobs from other companies they could pursue after leaving their current employer. Such agreements can also put restrictions on what kinds of new businesses a person could form after their time with their current employer ends.

Starting on at a new job

Getting a new job can be a very exciting experience, including for executives and professionals. It is important to remember though that the time period when one is starting on with a new employer is not only one that can be exhilarating, but also one that is quite impactful. What a person does during this time could have significant impacts on key things such as their financial future and how the new job ends up going for them.

The FLSA not the only thing employees get rights from

The Fair Labor Standards Act touches on a range of different employment-related issues. There are a variety of requirements this federal law puts on employers, including requirements regarding recordkeeping, overtime and wages. Some of these requirements make it so employers are required to provide employees with certain things. For example, the FLSA generally requires employers to provide employees with overtime pay when they have them work overtime (unless the employee falls into one of the exempt categories).

Noncompete agreements touch many U.S. workers

Among the things that can have significant impacts on workers is whether a noncompete agreement is among the contracts they have entered into in relation to their job. For one, such agreements can have major implications regarding a worker's options and situation when their employment at their current job ends.

Employment contracts: not just about compensation

When a professional is taking on new employment, what compensation they are entitled to in connection to their new job can have major implications for their financial situation and other aspects of their life. Thus, when it comes to an employment contract for a new job, a professional's attention may be particularly drawn to the terms of the contract regarding compensation.

Are noncompete agreements enforceable in Texas?

When an executive or other professional is starting on with a company, there are many different employment agreements they may be asked to sign. Sometimes, a noncompete agreement is among these contract documents. Noncompete agreements are agreements in which an employee agrees to certain restrictions on what sorts of employment they could take after their employment with their employer ends.

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