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K-9 handlers sue county for unpaid overtime hours caring for dogs

Texas readers may be aware of the use of K-9 dogs in the police department to help officers with searches and locating evidence at crime scenes. Not just anyone can handle these police dogs, and they require special training and treatment by certified handlers. When officers are done for the day, these dogs still have needs that must be met. A group of canine handlers from another state have filed a federal lawsuit against the county sheriff, his office and the county commission for overtime hours that they feel they deserve.

Apple workers seeking unpaid wages for undergoing daily searches

Electronics giant Apple is once again in the news, but a recent lawsuit against the company does not show it in a favorable manner. Consumers in Texas and elsewhere may be disturbed to hear about the way in which some of its employees are being treated. A group of workers who had filed a claim against the company in 2013 are now filing unpaid wages claims against the company. The plaintiffs are seeking to have another 12,400 similarly situated employees included in this recent lawsuit.

Restaurant workers unpaid overtime hours result in $600k payout

Every hour that an employee works counts, especially when the economy is in a downturn. Most employees in Texas and elsewhere expect to be paid at least the state minimum wage for the hours that they work and to be paid overtime hours when applicable. Those who believe that they are not being paid properly can look to the law to be reimbursed for the money that they believe they are owed.

Security guards win over $300k for unpaid overtime hours

Working additional hours is a great way for workers to make some extra money to support their families. This time can add up to a significant amount in additional wages when the hours are considered overtime hours. As a way to cut corners, some Texas companies may employ deceitful practices in attempts to avoid paying their workers the money that they deserve.

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