Protecting The Rights Of Sales Professionals

In sales, the pressure to perform is always there and can be a great motivator. But what if you get into a legal dispute with an employer or former employer over issues such as unpaid compensation or enforcement of a noncompete agreement?

At Warren & Siurek, L.L.P., we have more than 25 years of experience protecting the rights of sales professionals in a wide range of industries. Our attorneys can explain your legal options clearly and take effective action in your interest.

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What Employment Law Issue Are You Facing?

Sales professionals can run into many different legal issues. But no matter what your situation is, we have the experience and know-how to help you respond. This includes:

  • Unpaid commissions or bonuses — Even if you get a base salary or hourly wage, earning additional compensation through commissions or bonuses is vitally important. We will help you pursue the incentive pay you have coming to you.
  • Improper overtime classification — Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, certain employees may be exempt from overtime pay requirements. But employers often misuse this exemption by wrongfully classifying workers. Our lawyers stand ready to assert your rights.
  • Noncompete or confidentiality agreements — As a professional in a demanding, quota-ruled sales culture, you sometimes need to move from one company to another. We will provide skilled guidance on issues such as noncompetes, confidentiality agreements, restrictions on client lists and other related issues.

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