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Restaurant workers unpaid overtime hours result in $600k payout

Every hour that an employee works counts, especially when the economy is in a downturn. Most employees in Texas and elsewhere expect to be paid at least the state minimum wage for the hours that they work and to be paid overtime hours when applicable. Those who believe that they are not being paid properly can look to the law to be reimbursed for the money that they believe they are owed.

Security guards win over $300k for unpaid overtime hours

Working additional hours is a great way for workers to make some extra money to support their families. This time can add up to a significant amount in additional wages when the hours are considered overtime hours. As a way to cut corners, some Texas companies may employ deceitful practices in attempts to avoid paying their workers the money that they deserve.

Hooters servers claim they were denied overtime pay and wages

Working in restaurants can be a very strenuous job that requires employees to heavily rely on tips received from customers to make a living. Without these tips, Texas servers are generally paid a very low rate per hour, which is well below the standard minimum wage. When workers are not doing tip-producing work, they expect to be paid at the standard minimum wage to compensate for the difference resulting from not earning tips. Some companies may not pay their servers appropriately, which may result in those servers missing out on overtime pay and suffering lost wages.

Firefighters sue after claiming they did not receive overtime pay

The Fair Labor Standards Act ensure that employees receive proper compensation for the hours that they work. Texas workers who put in a large number of hours expect overtime to be paid accordingly. If employees notice that they are not receiving their overtime pay, report the matter and do not receive all of the money to which they believe they are entitled, they may choose to take the matter to court.

Adult entertainment workers win over $300,000 in a wage dispute

A group of employees who worked for a number of adult entertainment establishments in Texas are finally going to be receiving the wages they were denied. The clubs' owner denied the wage dispute allegations and claimed that the class of employees in question were exempt from sections of the Fair Labor Standards Act. According to the outcome of the lawsuit, the employees were actually non-exempt.

FedEx Ground division accused of misclassification of employees

Choosing the right position is a big decision in a person's life. The way in which individuals are classified affects the benefits that they may receive, what expenses they have and the way in which they are paid. Many hard-working people in Texas are realizing that the jobs they are doing may not necessarily be that of independent contractors, as they may have previously thought. This is prompting many people to question whether a company is aware that it may have a misclassification of employees, and some are trying to have the issue corrected.

Freelancer for Google Play alleges he was denied overtime pay

Everyone wants to be paid for the work that they do and to be compensated appropriately for that work. Unfortunately, many employees in Texas, and elsewhere, are improperly classified as independent contractors. These classification errors can lead to people not receiving overtime pay, as well as being denied all of the other associated benefits of being classified as an employee.

Retail clothing employees push to receive their overtime pay

With the holiday season fast approaching, many employees working in retail will be working extra hours. Some of this extra time may result in additional money from overtime pay. Fortunately for Texas employees who are victims of illegal employment practices that prevent them from getting the overtime pay they are due, there is legal recourse, as illustrated in recent cases filed in another state.

Chipotle employee alleges he was forced to work off-the-clock

In many businesses, working overtime may become necessary. Employees who are working those additional hours must be compensated according to federal and state labor laws. Texas workers who are illegally told to work off-the-clock and are not given the payment they have earned may fight back against their employer in an attempt to reclaim their lost wages.

RadioShack lawsuit for overtime pay ends in $5.8 million payout

Keeping accurate time-keeping records for employees is an integral part of being a respectable business. When there is additional work to be done, employees may be required to work overtime in excess of their standard hours and given a higher rate of pay. Some Texas employers may try to find a way to avoid paying overtime pay, resulting in a violation of labor laws.

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