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Man claims a wrongful discharge for refusing to compromise safety

People who work in dangerous jobs are especially careful about their safety. Texas workers who see something that is unsafe would be remiss not to report the condition to their supervisors. In most cases, reporting such a situation would be rewarded for promoting safety, but when companies want to cut corners and costs, the problem may be quieted by issuing a wrongful discharge to the reporting employees.

Woman alleges a wrongful discharge after enduring discrimination

Being a part of the workforce means that employees will be surrounded by different types of people. However, differences do not give anyone the right to pass judgment and make his or her co-workers uncomfortable. When such a situation arises, the victim has the right to report the situation. Instead of handling the situation, some companies in Texas and elsewhere may choose to give a wrongful discharge to the person complaining.

Former firefighter finds justice for her sexual harassment claim

All employees are expected to conduct themselves in professional manners, but that is not always the case. Texas workers deserve to work in comfortable environments without worrying about inappropriate or lewd comments. Many fear reporting this type of sexual harassment behavior for fear of losing their jobs or other forms of retaliation, and they try to deal with the situations as best they can. Others refuse to tolerate a hostile workplace and choose to take a stand.

Transgender man wins a settlement for his discrimination lawsuit

The first test case of a non-discrimination ordinance apparently failed when it was put to the test by a transgender man. The ordinance was put into effect in San Antonio, Texas. The plaintiff was a former worker for AT&T who alleges that the ordinance did not help prevent the discrimination he endured due to being transgender.

Worker claims his alleged wrongful discharge was based on his age

In this day and age, long term-employees are becoming increasingly rare. Those who do stay with a company for the long haul should be respected for their commitment. Some workers are not rewarded for their tenure and are instead thought to be too old to do their jobs as compared to their younger co-workers. When older Texas workers are mysteriously dismissed and then replaced with younger counterparts, they may believe they are the victims of a wrongful discharge.

Woman claims she suffered harassment due to gender and race

Despite all of the federal and state employment laws in place, discrimination can still occur. Every day in Texas and elsewhere, employees are subjected to hostile work environments and fear retaliation or harassment for reporting illegal activities. A woman who worked for Aaron's is claiming that she was discriminated against because of her gender and race.

Texas neurosurgeon accused of sexual harassment by female worker

A woman who worked for a clinic is claiming that she was forced to resign from her position due to a hostile work environment. The former administrator worked for a Texas neurosurgeon, and she is accusing him of sexual harassment. She claims that she endured being pressured about her personal life and sexual activity as well as a barrage of inappropriate text messages and inappropriate comments.

Woman asks $16 million for discrimination and harassment claims

It is expected that all workers are to be treated equally and with respect, regardless of their genders. Additionally, all qualified applicants should have the same shot at achieving promotions or increases in pay. Sadly, even today, unfair treatment is still happening in the workplace and most employees are afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation or being subjected to a hostile work environment. Workers in Texas and elsewhere should not be afraid to voice their concerns about disparate treatment that could be based upon discrimination.

6 women claim they were victims of workplace discrimination

Many people work hard to hold onto their jobs, especially during a time when layoffs are common. Based on company policies, there are many justifiable reasons that Texas workers may get fired. There are other reasons, however, that are against the law. That includes firing employees based upon workplace discrimination. The ousted workers may choose to fight back to be returned to work to support their families and seek financial relief in the form of a monetary judgment..

Revlon CEO accused of discrimination for his racist remarks

Every employee has the right to a pleasant environment in which to work. One would believe that that is the case in most Texas places of employment, but it is not always so. Some employees still feel that they are the victims of discrimination due to being subjected to hostile and racist remarks while at work.

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