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Workplace discrimination could negatively impact Houston area

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination |

It is an unfortunate reality that discrimination occurs in many areas across the country. As a result, individuals could be negatively affected due to facing such treatment. Houston area residents may be interested in a case of workplace discrimination taking place in another state that has led to multiple individuals being out of work.

Reports stated that the affected workers are Muslim individuals who worked for an equipment company. Following the Islam religion, these workers would take breaks to pray while at work. Previous work policy allowed for these breaks as long as they were taken one at a time and workers requested permission from their supervisors. However, changes to the policy led to those breaks being limited to two 10-minute breaks at predetermined times.

Because the company was not accommodating for the religious beliefs of some of their workers, those workers filed a complaint. Reports stated that seven Muslim employees had been fired earlier in the year and that 14 more Muslim workers resigned from their positions due to the new policy issues. The complaint was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the commission stated that there is reasonable cause to believe discriminatory actions were taken at the company.

As this case shows, workplace discrimination could lead to individuals losing their jobs. Such a loss could have tremendous impacts on a person’s life that may leave him or her unable to make ends meet, as well as cause emotional pain due to facing such unwarranted actions. If Houston area workers believe that they have faced discrimination in the workplace, they may wish to consider taking legal actions of their own.

Source: ABC News, “Muslim Employees File Religious Discrimination Complaint Against Wisconsin Firm Over Prayer Dispute“, Morgan Winsor, May 25, 2016


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