Lawyers For Executives And Other Professionals With Severance Agreements

The right severance package can protect your family’s security and your professional reputation. Sign the wrong severance agreement, however, and you may be facing restrictive covenants or other legal obligations that may seriously impact your future employment.

Accepting a severance package almost always means that you will be forfeiting your right to file further litigation against your employer. What appears to be a fair deal on paper may actually result in significantly less compensation than to which you are entitled.

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Is A Severance Package A Component In Your Executive Agreement?

Severance agreements can also be offered by an employer or negotiated as part of a written contract when hiring top management, commission-only sales executives or individuals for newly created positions.

If you have been handed a severance package, or if you have been terminated and believe that you are entitled to a severance package, schedule an opportunity to meet with an attorney on our team.

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Whenever “severance” is mentioned, you should be on your guard — and on the phone to Warren & Siurek, L.L.P., in Houston. If you have been asked to sign a severance, release, separation, termination or noncompete agreement, it is important to have one of our skilled lawyers review it to ensure that your interests are safeguarded.

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