Workplace discrimination may be concern of Houston area workers

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Being qualified for a job is often the first step toward potentially being hired for the position. However, some individuals may still miss out on being hired for a variety of reasons. Though many of those reasons are often valid, there are instances in which the missed opportunity could be due to workplace discrimination. In those cases, qualified individuals may be unjustly passed over. 

Houston area residents may be interested in such a situation that recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that the Jennie-O Turkey Store Inc. discriminated against women during their hiring practices for at least a year. An office with the U.S. Department of Labor conducted an investigation into the company’s hiring practices and found that qualified female applicants were denied entry-level positions. 

The company did not admit that such actions were knowingly taking place. However, they agreed to a settlement, and as part of the terms of that settlement, the company will hire 53 female workers. Additionally, the company is required to pay nearly $500,000 in back wages to over 300 female applicants. It was also noted that the company was working with the Department of Labor office in order to ensure that their hiring practices do not reflect any discriminatory actions in the future.

The excitement that can come along with applying for a new job can easily be outweighed by the disappointment that comes along with facing discrimination. If Houston area residents believe that they have been the victims of workplace discrimination, they may wish to look into their legal options. Taking action against unfair practices may allow them to receive compensation for resulting damages. 

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