Discrimination in the tech industry

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Texas residents may be surprised to learn that some experts say that discrimination in widespread in the tech industry. According to the founder of Digital Sisters and Stop Online Violence Against Women, problems often start when employers scan potential candidates for jobs.

A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center suggested that double standards often lead to the discriminatory hiring practices. According to the company’s research, women might be prevented from entering positions of management because women had to do more than men in order to prove they were able to do the job.

The founder, who is an African-American woman, noted that minority hiring personnel may be penalized for recruiting others like themselves. In addition, she noted that people of color might face prejudices in regards to their experience, perceived talent or willingness to work.

Sexual harassment can be a problem for some women when dealing with recruiters, clients or others in the workplace. One female game producer, who reportedly faced workplace sexual harassment, spoke to a recruiter to find another job. When she told the recruiter her reason for wanting another job, the recruiter discontinued the phone call, and the woman never heard back.

Discrimination in the workplace may come in many forms. An individual who feels that he or she has been discriminated against, whether because of race, sex or religious beliefs might benefit from a consultation with an attorney versed in workplace discrimination. A lawyer may assist by examining the evidence and following Equal Employment Opportunity Commission protocol to get justice for the victim.


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