Statistics to know wage inequality

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Wage discrimination can impact Texas workers and their families, and it can happen to anyone regardless of age, race or gender. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, around 20 percent of claims made in the past four fiscal years were related to wage discrimination based on age. A slightly smaller percentage were based on disability. Most, however, were associated with race or gender.

Men filed about 15 percent of all claims of wage discrimination during that time period according to the EEOC. If a claim is based on attributes such as age, gender or race, it will likely be filed under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If a claim is made regarding gender-based wage discrimination, it may be filed under the Equal Pay Act.

Unequal pay is generally considered to be a woman’s issue, but the data shows that it is more complicated than that. What people think about a certain race or gender may influence what an employer might pay. As those within the LGBT community seek and obtain greater rights within society, disparities in pay for both men and women in that group may need greater scrutiny. Therefore, truly solving the issue of pay inequality may take a variety of strategies used in combination.

Employers who violate wage or workplace discrimination laws may be held responsible for their actions by their employees. An individual who was the victim of discrimination may be entitled to compensation or other forms of relief. Those who were terminated after complaining about wage issues may be reinstated to their positions. However, this may only be true if it can be proven that the termination occurred in retaliation for taking a protected action within the workplace. An employment law attorney can provide guidance on these issues.


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