Tips for pushing back against age discrimination

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While both men and women in Texas and throughout the country deal with age discrimination, women may be more likely to be impacted by it. This is because physical appearance may matter more for females than male workers, and getting older may make a woman seem less attractive. Although there may be little people can do about their looks, there are ways that older workers can add value in the workplace.

First, older workers are encouraged to ask about high profile assignments or other opportunities to advance. In some cases, they may assume that a company wants a younger person to do the job, which means that workers could deny themselves a chance to showcase their skills. Individuals are also encouraged to seek out a professional network that includes people of all age groups. Doing so could help to get rid of stereotypes and teach others the value of wisdom and experience in the workplace.

Finally, it can be worthwhile for an older person to create and articulate a value proposition in the workplace. This can increase that person’s value to others and make it harder for an employer to let that worker go. While it can be difficult to win an age discrimination case, employees can improve their chances of obtaining a favorable outcome by learning more about their rights.

There may be many ways that a person can show that age discrimination played a role in a termination, demotion or other unfavorable employment decision. For instance, a worker could record a manager acknowledging that the decision was based on age or point to job postings that discourage older people from applying. Based on this or other evidence, an individual may file a claim or take other action to obtain relief.


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