Latina workers confront the gender pay gap

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For Latina workers in the Houston area, a significant gender pay gap continues to hold women back from their full potential earnings. There are over 11 million Latina workers across the country, but statistics show that they face the highest pay disparity of all female workers. On average, a Latina worker receives 53 cents for every dollar made by a white male worker. The gap holds up for women in full-time employment, who earn around 80 cents for every dollar paid to men also working full time. There are a number of factors that contribute to pay inequality, including over-representation of Latinas in service work jobs with limited access to benefits.

However, it is not only women in marginalized or entry-level occupations who face problems with equal pay. The pay gap remains visible even for Latina professionals and executives. In particular, pay gaps continue to be significant within the same industry; Latina women working in sales are typically paid 52 cents for every dollar earned by a white man. Latinas in management earn 60 cents to the white male dollar. While the median pay for white men working in chief executive positions is over $108,000, Latina chief executives take home a median salary of $71,361.

The impacts of the pay gap are felt throughout society. Latinas bring home a median salary of $32,002 annually in comparison to $60,388 for white men. This means a significant cost to these women, their families and their futures, especially when over half of Latina women with children are the family breadwinners.

Despite the fact that laws require women to receive equal pay to men, workplace discrimination continues to be a significant problem with major costs to women and society. An employment law attorney may work to help female workers take action if they are facing pay discrimination on the job.


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