Americans with Disabilities Act suit filed for government worker

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All people deserve to have a safe and pleasant work environment that is free from unfair treatment. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers can not treat their disabled employees less favorably than other employees. These Texas team members are to be treated with the same respect and dignity as anyone else.

A visually impaired former insurance specialist is filing a lawsuit claiming discrimination because of his disability. When the 37-year-old man was first hired, he was told that he would be employed for two years and once that duration was complete and his work was satisfactory, he would be eligible for a career. According to the lawsuit, that agreement was never meant to be.

The man claims that the company supposedly brought on a new supervisor who claimed that her promotion involved terminating the plaintiff. This new supervisor also made condescending references to the man such as calling him “the blind guy.” After he continued to be treated less favorably than other employees, he eventually lost his position. He has filed a discrimination lawsuit that states he was let go because of his impairment.

Discrimination in the workplace should be a thing of the past. Texas employees with impairments and birth defects should not be subject to a hostile work environment. If someone feels that their employer has violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, they can file a claim for monetary compensation. While money cannot take back what happened, it can however assist with legal fees, possible lost wages and mental anguish.

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