Revlon CEO accused of discrimination for his racist remarks

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Every employee has the right to a pleasant environment in which to work. One would believe that that is the case in most Texas places of employment, but it is not always so. Some employees still feel that they are the victims of discrimination due to being subjected to hostile and racist remarks while at work.

The former top scientist of Revlon is claiming that the company’s CEO made derogatory remarks toward him because he was Jewish. He also claims that the CEO’s remarks were negative toward black people and other Americans. According to his complaint, the CEO said that Americans were dirty and that he knew when black people were going to come into room because he could smell them. During a staff meeting, the man allegedly was forced to hold up whiteboard that was half as long as his body for nearly 30 minutes. He found this highly demeaning among his peers because he was a member of the leadership team.

Furthermore, the plaintiff believes that the CEO wanted to get rid of him because he had pointed out some safety issues. The man said that he had reported some concerns about raw materials not being properly tested up to Revlon’s standards. When he reported these issues, as well as his ill treatment, he allegedly was fired. According to Revlon, the reason for the plaintiff being fired was because his work no longer met the company’s standards.

Texas workers who believe that they are the victims of discrimination, based upon any protection status characteristic, may first voice their concerns about the situation in an effort to find a solution. If an agreeable solution is not reached, and the treatment continues, the employees may choose to move forward and pursue legal actions. Based upon evidence of the discrimination, the workers may be awarded monetary damages as well as any lost wages and other related financial losses. They may also be returned to their former positions, if applicable.

Source: New York Post, “Revlon CEO rips blacks, Jews, hates “dirty” Americans: suit“, Leonard Greene, Jan. 1, 2015


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