6 women claim they were victims of workplace discrimination

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Many people work hard to hold onto their jobs, especially during a time when layoffs are common. Based on company policies, there are many justifiable reasons that Texas workers may get fired. There are other reasons, however, that are against the law. That includes firing employees based upon workplace discrimination. The ousted workers may choose to fight back to be returned to work to support their families and seek financial relief in the form of a monetary judgment..

A group employees who worked for IQS Inc. accuse the company of firing them on the basis of discrimination. All six of the plaintiffs are black females who worked at the Motiva Refinery as part of the housekeeping staff. IQS later took over the contract and, at Motiva’s request, kept the black women as employees.

Allegedly, IQS primarily employs Hispanic workers and treated them better than other workers. The plaintiffs complain that they were penalized for being late to work, but the Hispanic workers were not chastised for the same behavior. They also allege that Hispanic workers were given the option to work overtime, but they were not.

The women assert that when they complained about the unfair treatment, nothing was ever done to remedy the situation. All of the plaintiffs lost their jobs after complaining, with the exception of one who had already lost her job. The Texas women are seeking over $1 million for their workplace discrimination claim. encompassing their lost wages and monetary damages.  They also seek front pay or, in the alternative, to be reinstated to their employment positions as well as to have their legal fees covered.

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