Woman claims she suffered harassment due to gender and race

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Despite all of the federal and state employment laws in place, discrimination can still occur. Every day in Texas and elsewhere, employees are subjected to hostile work environments and fear retaliation or harassment for reporting illegal activities. A woman who worked for Aaron’s is claiming that she was discriminated against because of her gender and race.

The woman worked for the company beginning in 2011, and she was promoted to management two years later. She was the only Hispanic employee at the store and was one of only three women who worked there as well. The plaintiff asserts that her regional manager subjected her to inappropriate remarks and behavior.

She claims that the manager swore at her and used racial slurs. The woman went to human resources to complain about the situation, but she was told that her manager would not be leaving the store. Because she did not want to deal with abuse any longer, she decided to submit her resignation. In an attempt to get her stay, the senior regional manager offered her a lesser-paying position at another store.

Although she thought the pay cut she was given was an act of retaliation, she still accepted it, but the hostile work environment allegedly continued. She claims that her pay checks were late, and the rate she was told she would be paid was lower than what she accepted. The Texas woman filed a claim against Aaron’s citing discrimination and harassment. If the evidence presented proves her claims, the court may award her the lost wages, damages and legal fees that she is seeking.

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