Ex Dollar General worker files a workplace discrimination claim

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A diverse workforce can really help a company to thrive because of all of the different backgrounds. Unfortunately, some companies in Texas and elsewhere disagree and may tend to act less favorably toward minority workers. A man who worked for Dollar General alleges that he was the victim of workplace discrimination due to his national origin.

The plaintiff was born outside of the United States and believes that this is the reason why he received disparate treatment. The man claims that he was not paid the correct amount and was even denied overtime pay. He further alleges that compared to other workers, he was given menial jobs to do.

The man disagreed with how he was treated and asserts that he complained about it to management. However, the plaintiff did not get the type of reaction he was expecting and claims that he faced retaliation. When the man attempted to get an increase in his pay, he says that he was denied and that his manager took that money that he was to be paid for his vacation.

The plaintiff was ultimately fired and believes that his termination was done without just cause. He brought his complaint to the Texas Workforce Commission, who agreed that he was fired inappropriately. He is accusing the company of workplace discrimination based on his national origin as well as retaliation. If he is successful in his claim, he hopes to be awarded the monetary damages, lost wages and legal costs that he is seeking by a civil court.

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