Workplace discrimination suit filed by seven against McDonald’s

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In Texas and across the country, workplace discrimination is a serious issue that affects all victims. Workplace discrimination takes many forms, including race, gender, religion and age to name a few. Workers being discriminated against for such things is against the law.

On Friday, June 19, seven former McDonald’s employees filed suit against their former employer for age discrimination in another state. The individuals — six women and one man — claim they were wrongfully discharged from McDonald’s because they were over the age of 40. Allegedly, when a new manager was hired in 2012, the employees were first alienated by having their hours cut and being denied appropriate rest breaks, in what the seven former employees believe to be a scheme to force them to quit. Next, the manager used the store’s remodel in 2013 to require workers to re-apply when the store re-opened; none of these seven employees over 40 were hired back.

The suit states that the manager said that she, “did not want old people to staff the restaurant” to a 52-year-old employee who was not re-hired. A 63-year-old woman who was originally hired at McDonald’s in 1996 had never been written up in her years of work at the restaurant, yet she was not offered her previous job after the store’s remodel. Allegedly, the manager had also declared her desire for “a younger, English-speaking workforce” in her restaurant. 

Unfortunately, worker discrimination is prevalent throughout the United States. Texas residents who feel like they have been treated unfairly due to their age in the workplace may benefit from legal counsel. A worker discrimination lawsuit may be an option to provide financial relief or job reinstatement for individuals who have been discriminated against or wrongfully discharged.

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