Sexual harassment, civil rights violations alleged by rig workers

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No worker in Texas or elsewhere deserves to work in a hostile environment. Nevertheless, discrimination and harassment in the workplace remain prevalent. A marine contracting company in another state is currently facing a lawsuit that was filed by three employees. They claimed to have been provided with a shockingly hostile workplace environment during the time of their employment.

The company and 10 of its employees were named as defendants. According to the complaint, the three men were employed as welders and ship fitters by the defendant at its offshore worksite. The plaintiffs claim exploitation of authority by a superintendent who allegedly subjected them to sexual harassment and intimidation. They allege repeated instances of unacceptable sexual proposals and comments aimed at them and other employees.

The plaintiffs allege retaliation by the superintendent who allegedly reassigned their duties and reduced their wages when they refused his advances. Several documented instances of repulsive conduct, including vulgar gestures, comments and sketches, are apparently included in the court documents. The three workers claim to have sustained losses, including income losses, anguish, humiliation, and emotional and mental distress.

The three workers seek compensation for past and future lost income, compensatory damages, punitive damages, and all legal expenses and court fees. Workers in Texas whose employers fail to take appropriate action upon complaints of harassment, discrimination, or other civil rights violations retain the right to take legal action. Experienced employment law attorneys typically provide support and guidance, along with practical solutions and customized counsel that is appropriate for each unique employment issue.

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