Mayor’s diverse workforce causes a workplace discrimination claim

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Having diversity in the workplace is beneficial to companies in Texas and elsewhere. The problem comes when attempting to achieve this status involves discriminating against other employees who are denied promotions and other benefits because of any protected status. A group of police officers in another state filed a case in a federal court against their mayor and the city alleging workplace discrimination.

According to the complaint, the new mayor had said when he was elected that he was going to increase diversity in the leadership of the police force. He had allegedly also said that he would like to have more officers in higher positions that were closer to his race. The plaintiffs aver that the mayor’s hopes for diversity had gone too far, and qualified employees were being denied promotions.

In 2013, the plaintiffs maintained that the promotions that were given had nothing to do with the officer’s qualification or seniority. Two of the plaintiffs are white and the other is Hispanic. One of the plaintiffs claimed that when he took the exam to be promoted, he had the second highest score and was told he had a really good chance of being promoted. He was told this before the mayor had come into office. The plaintiff claimed that the mayor’s hopes for increased diversity resulted in a lesser qualified person being chosen instead.

An agreement between the parties about the workplace discrimination claim has been reached. Detailed information about the settlement has not been disclosed. One of the greatest achievements of most employees in Texas is to be promoted for all of their hard work. Employees who notice disparate treatment based on their legally protected status may consider researching applicable laws to determine their next course of action.

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