Woman claims she faced discrimination based on race and origin

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Workers in Texas and across the United States should never be discriminated against based on any of their legally protected status characteristics. Unfortunately, that does not seem to deter businesses from trying to get away with doing it. A woman who worked for a food retailer in another state alleges that she, as well as other workers, were subjected to discrimination because of their race and national origins.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff was called derogatory remarks based on her heritage and the color of her skin. She claims that other workers were subjected to this hostile work environment as well. At one point, the plaintiff alleges that her supervisor motioned with a pair of shears as though she was going to cut her throat.

Her supervisor was purportedly making the demeaning and offensive remarks consistently, as well as other stereotype statements. The plaintiff claims her superior commented that some of the employees were stupid and lazy and implied some were incapable of reading and writing. When the plaintiff complained about the harassment, she alleges that no one intervened and the harassment continued.

The woman filed a discrimination claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in a federal court to fight back against the treatment. After contacting the EEOC, the plaintiff was allegedly fired. This appeared as an act of retaliation and was also included in the lawsuit. She is asking to be awarded monetary damages for the treatment she endured as well as lost wages. This type of activity is considered illegal under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Texas workers who feel that they are being subjected to this type of behavior have the legal right to pursue recourse through the justice system.

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