Peter Pan Donuts accused of withholding overtime pay

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Working at Peter Pan Donut– a popular bakeshop outside Texas — is allegedly not as sweet as it seems. A former employee for the bakery alleges that he was not givenovertime pay for the long hours that he worked. Additionally, he is accusing Peter Pan of not keeping accurate payroll records.

The plaintiff worked as a cook and dishwasher for nine years. He claims that he would work as many as 60 hours per week. Employees who work more than 40 hours in a week should be paid time-and-one-half for the hours that would be considered overtime. The man says that he never received it and instead was paid a flat rate of $560. Later, his flat rate was apparently raised to $700.

He also claims that Peter Pan would pay him with cash, and he was not given a paystub that would show how many hours he worked. Eventually, the plaintiff got tired of not being paid correctly and quit. The owners of the business are a married couple, and the wife is apparently the person who is in the shop the most and who handles payroll. She stated that she has many long-term employees that she treats well, and she does not believe that she had done anything unlawful.

The plaintiff is seeking up to $7,500, which would cover the missing overtime pay, damages and other compensation. Similarly situated Texas workers who find discrepancies in their pay checks and are not provided a satisfactory resolution may investigate the possibility of pursuing civil claims. The aggrieved could seek a monetary judgment for what they believe they are owed as well as any other relief the court warrants.


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