Toyota accused of wrongful termination and discrimination

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Toyota Motor Manufacturing is facing a lawsuit by a former employee. The lawsuit was filed in a federal court outside Texas, alleging discrimination, retaliation and wrongful discharge. The plaintiff was a long-term employee, having approximately 15 years with the company.

The plaintiff alleges he conducted himself in a professional manner and was successful in his position. In 2013, he claims the photos of the male human resource managers were transmitted to his cell phone. In the photos, the men were reportedly wearing T-shirts, referring to them as “eye candy.”

The texts offended the plaintiff, and he reported them to his superior; however, he was purportedly told that the texts were not in violation of any company policies. For the next two years, he asserts that other offensive instances took place and that he continued to complain. He asserts that, after he voiced his concerns, his once stellar performance rating began to drop, resulting in his placement on an improvement plan. The situation came a head when the plaintiff was speaking to his wife by phone and apparently made a comment that he was not going to kill anyone. The comment was overheard by a co-worker who then reported it.

The man claims that he was fired out of retaliation because he reported a hostile work environment and faced discrimination based on his national origin and age. Similarly situated Texas workers can turn to the legal system to have the opportunity to present their claims. Claimants who win their cases may be awarded monetary damages, lost wages and — in some instances — be returned to their former positions, if applicable.


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