Is high work stress more prevalent among disabled workers?

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Experiencing stress in relation to one’s work is pretty common among American workers. However, a recent survey indicates that it may be even more common than usual among workers who have disabilities.

In this recent survey, around four of 10 surveyed workers without disabilities (41 percent) reported experiencing increased stress as a result of their job. Meanwhile, when it came to the surveyed workers who had disability, such a stress increase was one in which around six of 10 workers (62 percent) reported.

There are various special challenges workers with disabilities can experience when it comes to their job, including transportation challenges, challenges related to the equipment they use in connection to their disability and challenges connected to certain everyday tasks. One should see how these challenges could potentially significantly add to the stress a disabled person experiences. One wonders what kinds of such challenges are the biggest contributors to the disparity in work-related stress increase prevalence between disabled and nondisabled workers.

Among the things that could help a disabled person with handling the unique challenges they face in relation to their job due to their disability, and thus which might help reduce workplace-related stress, is smoothly getting any reasonable accommodations they need in connection to their job.

Unfortunately, even with federal law requiring most employers to give reasonable accommodations to disabled workers, disabled workers still sometimes have difficulties getting the accommodations they need. In some instances, employers drag their feet on or unfairly deny a reasonable accommodation. Experienced attorneys can help disabled workers who have encountered resistance related to reasonable accommodations from their employer with responding to the resistance.

Source: Texas Public Radio, “Workplaces Can Be Particularly Stressful For Disabled Americans, Poll Finds,” Yuki Noguchi, July 13, 2016


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