Blacks and Latinos still face hiring discrimination

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination |

Many Texas residents believe that, as long as they work hard and continue to improve themselves, they will find success. Those who are black or Latino, however, will have to work even harder to get a fair chance to even get hired. In fact, according to a meta-study, hiring discrimination against blacks has not improved in the last two decades. While hiring discrimination against Latinos has reduced slightly, many still face discrimination.

The meta-study included data from more than 55,000 applicants. According to the results, white individuals have received, on average, 36 percent more callbacks than blacks. Further, whites also received, on average, 24 percent more callbacks that Latino residents since 1989. The study found no change other than a slight reduction of hiring discrimination against Latino individuals.

Essentially, a person who receives fewer callbacks has a lower chance of obtaining a job. Fewer callbacks also often result in a reduced number of offers, meaning a person has few choices when it comes to choosing a job with acceptable pay and benefits. It is also important to note that, if employers discriminate against a person during the hiring process, they may also discriminate when it comes to compensation and benefits.

When employees experience discrimination and harassment based on their race or ethnicity over an extended period of time, they may see their productivity suffer and even feel unsafe while at work. If they report the discrimination or harassment to their employer and the incidents do not stop, there are some options available. An employment discrimination attorney can often be of assistance in this regard.


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