Match Group CEO finds company pays women equally

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Mandy Ginsburg took over as the CEO of Match Group in 2017. Business Insider states the company that owns dating apps like Tinder, OKCupid, Match and Plenty of Fish had a reputation as a boy’s club environment. Ginsburg vowed to make the company friendlier to women.

One of her first steps was to audit the salaries of the men and women that worked at Match. Her audit revealed her female employees were paid 100 percent equally. Ginsburg was so surprised by the results that she hired an outside auditor, Syndio, to verify the findings.

Results verified

Syndio looked not only at job titles, but also grouped employees by the tasks they performed for their jobs. If there was any difference in pay, the firm examined factors like education, tenure and years of experience to see if that accounted for the gap. Syndio also found no pay gap between men and women at Match Group. Ginsburg was again surprised and asked the firm to rerun the data. Syndio came up with the same results.

Equal Pay Act prohibits gender-based pay discrimination

The Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963. This law states men and women must be paid equally for the same work in the same workplace. It also outlines it is job content, not the title that makes work equal. Despite this being a law for 55 years, women still make 80 cents for every $1 men earn.

What made Match Group different?

Ginsburg has only been the CEO for about a year and a half, but she also worked as executive at several of Match’s businesses for the last 12 years. As an executive, she said one of her top priorities was to offer salaries and raises based on the employee’s value to the company. Even if a worker did not ask for a raise, she rewarded them based on what the company could pay. She said this kept compensation from turning into a negotiation game.

Women may not ask for a raise

Ginsburg stated many women do not ask for more money or a raise. This likely contributes to the gender pay gap. To combat the difference, she suggested business leaders be more proactive and methodical about how they pay employees. That is until women are brought up to ask for better compensation.

If you have experienced pay discrimination based on gender, the law is on your side. You can contact an employment attorney who will review your case and advise you of your rights. You deserve equal pay for equal work.


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