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Texas home care workers may see difference in overtime pay

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2013 | Wage & Hour Laws |

Texas employees that do not receive overtime pay may not be alone. A recent article discussing home care workers pointed out that because they are currently considered babysitters rather than caregivers, they are not provided time and a half when they work over 40 hours as most employees are. Texas residents may take an interest in this as overtime pay laws are changing and new policies will be taking effect in the future.

Those impacted take care of not only the sick, but also the elderly. These employees often work more than a standard hour work week, often receive minimum wage, and do not receive time and a half. The nation’s average is listed between $8.50 and $12 an hour. While changes will be made, it was noted that the law will not go into effect until 2015, which is unusual. Typically, a change will go into effect 60 days after being issued.

This bill will certainly help those that care for the sick and elderly and use their source of income to provide for their family. Not only do employees miss out on time with their family when they work overtime, but when they aren’t properly compensated, it can greatly impact the lifestyle of their family. Many individuals are hopeful this new law will help these individuals receive the compensation they deserve.

Any Texas employee that is currently not receiving overtime pay they believe they are entitled to may wish to review the state laws to determine the best course of action to take. Although healthcare employees are fighting for new laws, there are other laws in place to protect multiple employees. With the proper understanding of what a person is entitled to, they can move forward with confidence that they will receive the appropriate compensation.

Source: The New York Times, U.S. to Include Home Care Aides in Wage and Overtime Law, Steven Greenhouse, Sept. 17, 2013


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