Texas retailer accused of harassment, discrimination

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There are many people who simply want to complete their job responsibilities in an efficient manner. It is part of the job responsibilities of an employee’s supervisor to ensure the workplace environment is one that allows each worker to complete their tasks to the best of their ability. The question then becomes, what happens when the behavior of others prevents a single person from performing their job duties? One woman in Texas claims that her complaints regarding sexual harassment and racial discrimination were ignored and, ultimately, ended in her termination.

In a lawsuit filed in August, a former sales executive at JoS A. Banks Clothiers Inc. claims that her job performance was negatively impacted by her co-workers’ behavior toward her. According to her claims, some co-workers made inappropriate comments that were racial in nature while others initiated inappropriate and unsolicited sexual advances toward her.

The defendant eventually took her complaints to the store manager. However, instead of solving her issues, the manager allegedly began to severely harass her until she was terminated. She claims the district manager refused to take action due to favoritism toward the store manager. Although an internal investigation was reportedly conducted, she was ultimately terminated. In addition to losing her job, the defendant claims her work experiences also exacerbated her medical condition.

Current laws in this country protect employees from the types of behavior that the Texas woman has alleged. If her claims of harassment and discrimination can be proved in a civil court, she could be awarded damages for lost wages and other issues. By taking legal action, she is also sending the message that such behavior will not be tolerated in the workplace.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Lawsuit: JoS A. Bank fired woman for complaining about racial discrimination, sexual harassment, John Suayan, Aug. 26, 2013


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