Wal-Mart under fire for age and disability discrimination claim

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Companies have the responsibility to take action if there is questionable behavior being conducted in the workplace. If one Texas employee is harassing another and the incident is reported, something should be done to prevent future instances of harassment. When a company does nothing to take care of the problem, and allows a discrimination behavior to continue or terminates the worker, the business may end up in a legal battle for its alleged failure to act.

A manager of a Wal-Mart store claims that he was removed from his position because of his age. According to his complaint, the man says that his supervisor would use phrases against him that were condescending in relation to his age. He also stated that he was bullied while working. After enduring the conduct for several months, the man went to personnel to report what was happening. Upon talking to human resources, the harassment did not cease, but became worse than it was previously.

He also alleges that he was not provided a reasonable accommodation for his disability. The man was a diabetic and after seeing his doctor, requested that he be demoted to a lesser position. In his suit, he claims that Wal-Mart denied his request and did not allow him the chance to say anything further about the matter.

He is suing the Texas Wal-Mart for age and disability discrimination and injunction to see that further violations do not happen to other employees in the future. He is also asking for damages because of the harassment as well as his lost income. Employees who feel that they have been discriminated against in the workplace can research filing a claim based on the individual’s situation.

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