Worker claims his alleged wrongful discharge was based on his age

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In this day and age, long term-employees are becoming increasingly rare. Those who do stay with a company for the long haul should be respected for their commitment. Some workers are not rewarded for their tenure and are instead thought to be too old to do their jobs as compared to their younger co-workers. When older Texas workers are mysteriously dismissed and then replaced with younger counterparts, they may believe they are the victims of a wrongful discharge.

A former press room supervisor for Quad/Graphics Marketing claims that the only reason he lost his job was because the company was attempting to clear out the older workers. The plaintiff began working for the company’s predecessor in 1970 and has been an employee ever since. The 63-year-old asserts he was perfectly qualified and capable of doing his job.

The plaintiff claims he lost his job after a customer complained about a print sample. The customer apparently had closed its account after the incident. What the plaintiff allegedly discovered was the customer was merely transferred to a different division and did not have an interruption in its service.

He alleges the company lied to him and tried to convince him that he was not performing up to company standards. The plaintiff believes this was not the first time that the company attempted to be rid of older workers; moreover, his position was filled with a younger employee. The Texas man is accusing the company of a wrongful discharge and is attempting to be reinstated or compensated accordingly along with monetary damages and legal fees in his federal civil claim.

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