U.S. saw lots of disability discrimination claims last year

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Disability discrimination in the workplace is illegal under federal law here in America, and has been for some time now. However, the problem of disability discrimination has not disappeared in the American workplace. On the contrary, as recent U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission statistics underscore, it remains a major issue.

According to the statistics, in the 2015 fiscal year, 26,968 complaints of workplace disability discrimination were made to the EEOC. This makes up around 30 percent of all discrimination complaints made to the EEOC that year. It is also the highest recorded annual disability discrimination complaint total the nation has ever had.

The statistics further indicate that the U.S. saw a reversal of trends in EEOC disability discrimination complaints in the 2015 fiscal year. The two previous years had seen reductions in such complaints. In 2015, however, a 6 percent increase in such complaints occurred.

There are many different things that could potentially lead to such an increase. One is a rise in disability discrimination in the workplace. Do you think disability discrimination became more common in the workplace last year? If so, what do you think is behind the rise in disability discrimination?

Unfortunately, workers with disabilities can’t always count on their employers doing right by them. Sometimes, they need to take action to fight to have the discrimination-free workplace they deserve and their rights under the Americanswith Disabilities Act properly respected.

Thankfully, the legal system does make avenues for pursuing remedies available to workers who have suffered ADA violations, such as illegal disability discrimination. If a worker with a disability believes they have been discriminated against at work, they should speak with an experienced employment lawyer to learn what they can do to fight for their rights.

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