Disabled workers face struggles remaining employed

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Americans With Disabilities Act |

People in Texas and throughout the country who have disabilities generally need extra help to live and work. However, disclosing their disabilities may make it harder to find a job. The Americans With Disabilities Act is designed to help such individuals remain competitive in the job market. This doesn’t mean that employers necessarily understand or comply with it. Those who have mental conditions also tend to feel as if companies only take steps to help those with physical disabilities.

To help both workers and employers learn more about their rights and responsibilities, October is designated as National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Efforts are undertaken on the federal level as well as in some states to help create a more inclusive workplace. Generally speaking, companies tend to be more successful when they create a diverse workforce that includes people with mental and physical disabilities.

For those who have disabilities, it can be easier to find jobs when they know that there are resources available to help them. It can also be easier to find work when they have a supportive community ready to advocate for and meet their needs. Helping these individuals find gainful employment can be a positive for both the workers and the companies that hire them.

Individuals who face discrimination because of a disability may be entitled to compensation or other relief. This may occur either in a court or through a settlement. In some cases, employees may be required to go through arbitration to resolve the dispute. An attorney may be able to assist individuals who are bringing claims against their employers. Workers may also file complaints with the EEOC or bring the issue to the attention of management. These tactics may help resolve the matter in favorable manner for an employee.


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