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Does your Texas employer have to pay you for jury duty?

As Texas residents who have been called to jury duty know, it just never seems to come at a convenient time. However, it is one of our responsibilities as citizens and it is something that we generally must do when asked. Many people who are called to jury duty have many questions about the effect it will have on their jobs. Can you be fired for taking time off for jury duty? Does your employer need to pay you for jury duty?

Workers face discrimination due to native language and accents

This day and age, it would be nice to hear that discrimination in employment is finally decreasing. Unfortunately, a recent report found the opposite. A certain type of discrimination is experiencing a sharp increase, suggesting that as the workforce is becoming more diverse here in Texas and across the country, people are becoming less tolerant.

Is Brazoria County liable for judge's sexual harassment?

In Harris County, Texas, and throughout the country, workers have the right to work in an environment free of sexual harassment. When sexual harassment does occur, it is often possible to hold the employer liable, even if the harassment came from a co-worker, customer or lower level supervisor rather than the actual employer. In fact, the employer can automatically be held liable when a supervisor is the harasser or when another party was a known harasser and the employer did nothing to correct the situation.

Driver files wage lawsuit against Texas courier service

One of the most common types of wage theft in this country has to do with the misclassification of employees. This means that employees are classified as contractors or exempt so that employers do not have to abide by the minimum wage and overtime rates as mandated by the Fair Labor Standards Act. There are certainly types of employees who are genuinely exempt from certain wage and hours laws, but far too often employers misuse these exemptions, harming employees.

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