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Man loses job after asking for an ADA reasonable accommodation

Most workers are blessed with being healthy, but there are others who are not. Some people may develop medical conditions later in their lives that may directly impact their employment. These conditions often require employers to provide a reasonable accommodation so that that the employees may continue to work optimally. In some instances, a Texas employer may not take kindly to the requests and choose to retaliate by terminating the workers instead.

Bank of America is accused of workplace discrimination

There are many reasons for termination that are justifiable, while others are completely illegal. All Texas workers have the same rights, regardless of their race, gender, age or other protected characteristics. When a worker is terminated and feels that it is due to workplace discrimination, he or she has the right to pursue legal action.

Former city worker claims she was fired for being a whistleblower

The former finance director of Killeen, Texas, is still trying to find a resolution for her termination claim against the city after almost two years. According to her complaint, the city was in violation of the Texas Whistleblower Act. This act protects government and public employees from retaliation by state or local government for reporting violations in good faith.

Employee alleges discrimination after firing for cellphone use

Mobile technology has become an everyday part of the lives of most Americans. As a result, many Texas businesses have implemented rules concerning employee cellphone use. Within a company, the same role-based rules should apply to every employee. When workers in similar job roles are not held to the same standards, an employee may feel that he or she is the victim of discrimination.

Adult entertainment workers win over $300,000 in a wage dispute

A group of employees who worked for a number of adult entertainment establishments in Texas are finally going to be receiving the wages they were denied. The clubs' owner denied the wage dispute allegations and claimed that the class of employees in question were exempt from sections of the Fair Labor Standards Act. According to the outcome of the lawsuit, the employees were actually non-exempt.

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