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3 women fired on the same day file for gender discrimination

Regardless of gender or any other discriminating factors, all employees by law are to be treated equally in the workplace. Unfortunately, cases of discrimination still occur in Texas and across the country. If an employee believes that this is happening and he or she does not speak up to put an end to the actions, the behavior will continue and other workers may be subjected.

Did a coworker's prank lead to a discrimination claim?

When anyone is hired for a position, the last thing that they think may will happen is that their supervisors and co-workers will treat them unfairly. By law, a Texas employer cannot use discrimination as a tool to determine advancement opportunities or treatment of a worker in any way. Unfortunately, this type of practice can still go on behind closed doors. Unless this activity is brought out in the open, there is a strong chance that it may continue.

Employee eating at her desk leads to a discrimination lawsuit

Discrimination can come in various forms and still plagues many victims even though it is illegal in the eyes of the law. Unfortunately, many Texas workers who suffer from workplace discrimination may not speak up for fear of losing their job or having their employers retaliate against them. Companies that find ways to treat other employees differently because of the color of their skin or other discriminating factor could possibly be faced with a lawsuit if an employee decides to voice their complaints.

Teacher contract not being renewed leads to discrimination claim

Employers are forbidden, under state law, to make decisions regarding a worker's future based on any discriminating factor. This includes not allowing them to be paid equally, providing the same opportunities or refusing a chance to advance in the company when it is deserved based on merit. These types of acts by Texas employers and across the country are shameful, and many go unnoticed unless an employee speaks up about the discrimination to attempt to prevent it from happening to others in the future.

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