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March 2014 Archives

Wal-Mart under fire for age and disability discrimination claim

Companies have the responsibility to take action if there is questionable behavior being conducted in the workplace. If one Texas employee is harassing another and the incident is reported, something should be done to prevent future instances of harassment. When a company does nothing to take care of the problem, and allows a discrimination behavior to continue or terminates the worker, the business may end up in a legal battle for its alleged failure to act.

Discrimination claim filed against a co-worker and employer

Every worker in the workplace should be valued regardless of the color of his or her skin, ethnicity, gender or any other discriminating factor. If an employee is doing his or her job effectively, there is no reason to treat him or her any differently. There can be instances when a company may make the decision to discriminate against another employee and subject them to an uncomfortable work environment. Those Texas employees have the right to speak out against their employer for treating them unfairly and file a discrimination claim.

Sears faces an age discrimination claim after firing a salesman

No matter how old a person is, his or her importance in the workplace does not diminish with age. If an individual is doing his or her job effectively, then it should not matter how old they are. There are times in a Texas workplace, however, when a company may feel that workers of a certain age are past the point of usefulness and cannot handle their job as effectively as someone younger. Even after many years of successful service, an employee may still face termination due to age discrimination.

Racial slurs and profanity at work may lead to discrimination

Every employee in the workplace deserves to have equal treatment in comparison to his or her colleagues. This treatment should not be any different based on the worker's sex, age, religion or any other type of discrimination. If a Texas employee notices a disparity at work, he or she has the right, without retaliation, to speak up about the slight. What a worker may not expect in return for speaking out is to be terminated.

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