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Losing age discrimination suit costs Texas computer giant $889K

The Round Rock, Texas computer giant, Dell, has been ordered by a court of appeals to pay a terminated employee $668,000 plus $221,000 in attorney's fees. The case represents one of several discrimination suits that have been brought against the well-known computer company in recent years. The terminated employee in this case was fired in 2008, the cause of which was alleged by the suit to be discriminatory and based on age.

Workers file wage dispute lawsuit after being lured out of Texas

Much was promised, but little came through. As a result, 18 migrant farm workers have filed a wage dispute lawsuit against both a strawberry farm and its labor recruiters for having lured them out of Texas and into North Carolina with undelivered promises. The workers claim they were paid less than minimum wage and that they were sometimes paid with Wal-Mart money cards that came with a monthly fee and a $2 ATM cash withdrawal charge.

Texas bus company sued for discrimination against U.S. citizens

A Houston bus company is facing a lawsuit for its hiring practices. Although many discrimination suits are the result of employers excluding individuals on the basis of their natural origin being outside of the country, the Texas company has allegedly been failing to consider employing qualified United States citizens while preferring to instead hire foreign workers on H-2B temporary worker visas. The suit claims that the company disregarded applications from lawful permanent residents and qualified citizens to fill open positions.

3 women win in harassment claim against healthcare provider

Three female employees who were fired from a home healthcare provider will receive a settlement for back pay and damages totaling more than $300,000. In circumstances similar to cases that have been filed in Texas and elsewhere, the former employees claimed they were fired in retaliation after complaining to management about harassment from a supervisor, an area manager, who made sexually offensive remarks to them. The case is, however, somewhat different from other such cases in view of the fact that the sexually offensive remarks came from another woman.

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