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Pregnant woman not provided reasonable accommodations loses job

Pregnancy can be a wonderful and exciting time for a woman. Bringing a child into the world will require a woman to take some time away from work to recover after having her child and to spend some time bonding with her newborn. Part of the responsibility of an employer to a pregnant woman in Texas and across the United States is to provide her with reasonable accommodations such as a maternity leave. Some employers may decide that they do not wish to operate within the law and will not offer the woman what she needs in regard to working after the birth.

Construction workers losing overtime pay fight back in Houston

Most employees expect their employers to pay them properly for the work that they do. This includes any overtime pay that is paid in excess of the worker's standard hours. There are times, however, when employers may believe that they can get away with not paying their employees appropriately, believing that nothing will be voiced about the issue. This type of behavior was reported to have happened recently with a Houston company.

Oil rig worker files a discrimination claim for racial comments

All employees in the workplace deserve to be treated fairly regardless of the color of their skin, race, sex, national origin or any other discriminating factors. As much as most people believe that this type of behavior no longer exists, it unfortunately can still occur. If a Texas worker is doing his or her job and is not being treated equally due to discrimination, that employee has the right to speak up about the conditions to help ensure that it will not happen again to other workers at that same place of business.

Woman is allegedly terminated due to FMLA issues and retaliation

Working at a job that has a lot of physical activity can tend to wreak havoc on the body of an employee. Over time, even the most careful worker may become injured and need to take some time off of work. Texas employees who need to be absent from work may possibly run into FMLA issues with their employer. Sometimes these conflicts may end in a wrongful discharge of an employee.

Discrimination claim filed for inability to take a required test

Regardless of a person's personal appearance, gender or religion, he or she has the right to the same protocols in the workplace as anyone else. When employers put procedures in place for workers to follow, all of the employee's should be doing the exact same thing. If one Texas employee is not given the same directives and rights as all of the others, that employee may have been the victim of workplace discrimination.

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