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Elderly worker accuses casino of workplace discrimination

Older workers should not be treated differently than their younger counterparts in accordance with the law. Texas companies who do so are in violation and could have workplace discrimination claims filed against them. A former table games dealer in another state alleges that he lost his job just so that the company could hire someone younger to replace him.

Workplace discrimination suit filed by seven against McDonald's

In Texas and across the country, workplace discrimination is a serious issue that affects all victims. Workplace discrimination takes many forms, including race, gender, religion and age to name a few. Workers being discriminated against for such things is against the law.

Ex Dollar General worker files a workplace discrimination claim

A diverse workforce can really help a company to thrive because of all of the different backgrounds. Unfortunately, some companies in Texas and elsewhere disagree and may tend to act less favorably toward minority workers. A man who worked for Dollar General alleges that he was the victim of workplace discrimination due to his national origin.

Compensacion por horas extras extendido a empleados que prestan servicios de Compaňia

En 1974, Congreso extendió la exigencia de compensación por horas extras a los empleados que trabajan en vivienda particulares o empleados del servicio doméstico. Se incluyen en esta protección trabajadores empleados en trabajos como cocineros, limpiadoras de casas y niñeras. Sin embargo, los trabajadores contratados para proporcionar "servicios de compañía" a ​​las personas mayores o con discapacidad en casa privada fueron excluidos específicamente y no elegibles para la compensación de las horas extras.

Agency to pay $80M to over 20,000 for unpaid overtime pay

Many people assume that workers who are part of collective bargaining agreements would always be paid correctly. Sadly, not that is not always true, and workers in Texas and elsewhere may not receive their overtime pay and other compensation in accordance with state and federal employment laws. When this happens, the workers do have protection under the law and can fight for their hard-earned money.

Officers claim they were offered time off instead of overtime pay

Working long hours can take a toll on employees and cause them to spend a lot of time away from their families. Many Texas workers agree to work additional hours because they receive overtime pay and could use the extra money. In an effort to cut down payroll costs, some employers may try to use other methods to compensate their employees instead of paying them appropriately. Knowing that this is against the law, some individuals may rise up and fight for their hard-earned money.

Overtime Law Extended to Employees Providing Companionship Services

In 1974, Congress extended the requirement of overtime compensation to employees who work in private homes, or domestic service employees. Included in this protection were workers employed in jobs such as cooks, housekeepers and nannies. However, workers hired to provide "companionship services' to elderly or disabled persons in a private home were specifically excluded and ineligible for overtime compensation.

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