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Injured worker files an Americans with Disabilities Act claim

Employees who are handicapped should not be treated unfairly by their employers due to their disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act is in place to protect workers from unfair treatment and to prevent employers from firing workers who are injured or disabled. This law also states that employers are required to provide a reasonable accommodation for their injured and disabled workers. Texas employers who violate this law may find themselves in a court room settling the matter.

RadioShack lawsuit for overtime pay ends in $5.8 million payout

Keeping accurate time-keeping records for employees is an integral part of being a respectable business. When there is additional work to be done, employees may be required to work overtime in excess of their standard hours and given a higher rate of pay. Some Texas employers may try to find a way to avoid paying overtime pay, resulting in a violation of labor laws.

School district faces employment disputes after a board meeting

Inside some companies, there may be activities or information that is preferably not known to the general public or to certain places within the company. An employee may inadvertently discover this type of unethical information and choose to speak out. Sometimes, however, having this type of information is not looked upon favorably and may prompt a Texas employer to retaliate against the worker, leading to employment disputes.

A woman's pregnancy results in a $10 million discrimination claim

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in a woman's life. Women in Houston and across Texas who remain employed during their pregnancy should not be treated unfairly because of their condition or provided a reasonable accommodation when requested. Unfortunately, however, this type of discrimination against women who are with child exists, and some businesses may make poor decisions regarding them. Some companies may go as far as to wrongfully terminate an employee on the basis that she is pregnant.

Should minimum wage change for tipped workers?

As Texas readers are well aware, the battle for minimum wage increases has spread across the country. Many states have raised the minimum wage, but it is not yet clear if this also applies to tipped workers. Those in the service industry, including waiters and waitresses, have been making the same standard amount since 1991.

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