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A less than successful surgery leads to a discrimination claim

A woman who worked for a storage facility claims that she lost her job because of an injury that occurred at work. When she first started working for her Texas employer, Northwest Highway Self-Storage, she was brought on as a lead associate. Some of her responsibilities included rental agreement processing, greeting customers and leading the customers to their units. She later suffered an injury to her hand and shoulder and was told she would need surgery. After her surgery, she claims that the discrimination began.

Woman claims discrimination after not receiving competitive pay

In the past, many women fought for equality -- including in the workplace -- and they are still fighting today. Unfortunately, some Texas businesses may not abide by the law and still allow race and sex discrimination to continue. Some may not allow the same opportunities for advancement to all, or present differences in pay, but no matter what type of discrimination is occurring, it is illegal for businesses to engage in it.

Fast food franchise pays $25,000 for employment discrimination

Anyone who wishes a job deserves to have a fair chance, even if he or she has a medical history. Some Texas employers are not educated on proper hiring practices and may elect to deny employment based upon medical background information and not on one's qualifications. This practice may prompt an applicant to file a discrimination claim in an attempt to have an equal chance at the position and/or to seek financial relief for any discriminatory practices.

Workers' compensation claims spawn a racial discrimination suit

A man who worked for Georgia-Pacific Wood Products (GP) claims that he unjustly lost his job due to an injury. The Texas plaintiff, who is black, also accuses the company of racial discrimination. He alleges that his supervisor disciplined black employees more harshly than his coworkers. This activity apparently caused black workers to not be promoted or given raises, and some were ultimately fired.

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