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December 2013 Archives

Texas woman resigns after racial discrimination

It is sad to believe that people are still being evaluated by the color of their skin in the workplace. An employee cannot work effectively if he or she is treated disrespectfully or are being subjected to hostility. Sometimes the work environment can be so unhealthy that it may cause an employee to resign voluntarily just to escape it. This was apparently the case for a Texas woman who recently left her employer and is now fighting back with a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination.

Workers sue Texas sports bar for not paying minimum wage

The Fair Labor Standards Act is designed to protect employees in Texas and across the country from being underpaid or denied pay for their work. When an employer violates this law, the affected workers are sometimes able to seek recourse. Recently, Vitty's Sports Bar was accused by three employees of violating FLSA. The workers filed a lawsuit last month that makes numerous complaints. Among them is the allegation that their employer failed to pay them minimum wage.

Pension plan changes could come to Texas employees

Employment can often have many benefits for workers while they are employed and possibly even later during retirement. When a person has been with an organization for some time, they may have been part of a pension plan that would help provide the individual with income during retirement. These plans can be very beneficial after retiring and losing a steady income from employment, but pensions may be at risk for some individuals.

Religious workplace discrimination in Texas a problem for Muslims

Imagine that a person has just discovered that he was turned down for a job interview in Texas, and he is disappointed. However, his disappointment is not in the fact that his skills for the job were subpar. He is disappointed because he has discovered that he didn't get the job due to his religion. This type of workplace discrimination is increasingly becoming a problem in the American workforce, particularly for Muslim workers, research shows.

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