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August 2014 Archives

Main claims discrimination after being fired for cell phone use

In many employee handbooks, the use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in work areas and they are to be used only in break rooms or away from the public. For some Texas businesses, using a cell phone in certain areas can even be dangerous. Employees who violate this policy, regardless of any discriminatory factors, should be punished equally to one another. If one employee is receiving preferential treatment over another because of his or her race, the company may be headed for a discrimination lawsuit.

Worker accuses Caterpillar of sex and race discrimination

A black female employee filed a complaint against her employer because she believes that she was being treated unfairly in comparison to other white male co-workers. She believes that she was the victim of discrimination because of her gender. The manufacturing engineer II Texas employee was originally hired by Bucyrus, which was later purchased by Caterpillar. According to her complaint, when the two companies merged, she was demoted to the position of manufacturing engineer I. Allegedly, her white male co-workers were able to retain their positions.

Texas woman alleges gender discrimination over missed promotion

Employees who have worked for companies for an extended period of time often expect that their dedication will be rewarded. This could be in the form of a raise, promotion or another means that would honor the employee’s commitment to his or her work with improvements to his or her overall career. There are times when employees are passed over for these benefits, and the reasoning is sometimes unjustifiable. One Texas woman alleged gender discrimination on the part of the city she worked for when -- as she claims-- she was passed over for a new job in favor of a male candidate.

Woman claims disability discrimination after brain tumor surgery

The workplace can bring on large amounts of stress and, if left unchecked, is capable of manifesting and making a person physically ill. Sometimes, taking time away from the highly stressful components of a job or reducing the work load may be just what the doctor ordered. However, some Texas employers may not agree with a doctor's recommendation and may unjustly terminate the employee due to his or her health condition, which could result in a disability discrimination claim.

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