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Texas nurse says she was fired after reporting patient neglect

There is little that is more frustrating than being punished for doing the right thing. A nurse recently claimed in an eastern Texas court that her former employer fired her for making reports about patient neglect.

Many Texas construction workers are victims of wage theft

One of the more common employee rights' violations here in Houston is wage theft. Wage theft occurs in a number of ways, but it frequently involves employers failing to pay minimum wage or shortchanging workers on overtime. According to a recent study, a very significant amount of wage theft is taking place in the Texas construction industry where as many as 40 percent of workers are paid under the table or are misclassified.

Company settles accusations of ERISA violations with $5.2 million

Many people in Houston who have 401(k) retirement plans or pension plans with their employer are aware that there are federal laws governing the employer and the bank's administration of these accounts. The Employment Retirement Income Security Act governs many employer-provided benefits, and while it is very complicated, it generally requires employers and third party administrators to act in the best interests of employees.

Obama is pressured to outlaw sexual orientation discrimination

Here in Houston, when someone sues an employer for violating anti-discrimination laws, the lawsuit will likely include allegations of discrimination on the basis of one of the following things: race, national origin, sex, disability, pregnancy, age or religion. Those are the types of discrimination that are outlawed by federal employment law. Unfortunately, there are other types of discrimination that are not expressly outlawed by the federal government. One of these is employment on the basis of one's sexual orientation.

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