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Women continue to face workplace discrimination

Despite the media attention paid to the #MeToo movement and sexual harassment on the job, many people may expect that women in the Houston area have few concerns about gender discrimination on the job. However, regardless of industry, workplace discrimination remains a serious problem, not only for women in high-profile industries like entertainment and politics, but for women in jobs of all types. One survey showed that while there have been some significant advances secured by women in the workplace, other factors have remained serious problems that have shown little improvement since 1999.

AT&T Mobility sued by two former employees

AT&T Mobility is one of many companies in Texas and throughout the country that uses a "no-fault" policy when it comes to attendance. Essentially, employees are given points for being late, leaving early or being absent from work on a given day. If an employee gets too many points, the company may decide to terminate that person. Two former employees say that the system used by AT&T Mobility was discriminatory.

Tips for pushing back against age discrimination

While both men and women in Texas and throughout the country deal with age discrimination, women may be more likely to be impacted by it. This is because physical appearance may matter more for females than male workers, and getting older may make a woman seem less attractive. Although there may be little people can do about their looks, there are ways that older workers can add value in the workplace.

Employers should consider harassment a breach of trust

Sexual harassment can be a problem for companies throughout Texas and the rest of the nation. At Nike, women have raised complaints about managers who have called employees names or made comments about their breasts. A survey was conducted that eventually made its way to the CEO and resulted in the resignation of six executives. One of the reasons why the harassment at Nike occurred was that most of the incidents are referred to as hard cases.

Macy's to pay $75,000 to settle ADA discrimination case

Individuals with disabilities in Texas and around the country face enormous challenges. Federal law prohibits workplace discrimination based on disability and requires employers to take reasonable steps to accommodate workers with disabilities, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the federal agency tasked with holding employers responsible when these laws are violated. A recent case dealing with these issues involved the Ohio-based retailer Macy's.

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