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November 2014 Archives

FedEx Ground division accused of misclassification of employees

Choosing the right position is a big decision in a person's life. The way in which individuals are classified affects the benefits that they may receive, what expenses they have and the way in which they are paid. Many hard-working people in Texas are realizing that the jobs they are doing may not necessarily be that of independent contractors, as they may have previously thought. This is prompting many people to question whether a company is aware that it may have a misclassification of employees, and some are trying to have the issue corrected.

Freelancer for Google Play alleges he was denied overtime pay

Everyone wants to be paid for the work that they do and to be compensated appropriately for that work. Unfortunately, many employees in Texas, and elsewhere, are improperly classified as independent contractors. These classification errors can lead to people not receiving overtime pay, as well as being denied all of the other associated benefits of being classified as an employee.

Retail clothing employees push to receive their overtime pay

With the holiday season fast approaching, many employees working in retail will be working extra hours. Some of this extra time may result in additional money from overtime pay. Fortunately for Texas employees who are victims of illegal employment practices that prevent them from getting the overtime pay they are due, there is legal recourse, as illustrated in recent cases filed in another state.

Texas man claims he suffered racially motivated harassment

Going to work should be an experience that allows an employee to feel safe and free from a hostile work environment, but that's not always the case. A black man, who was working for Lufkin Industries in Texas, claims that he was the victim of racial harassment and accuses the company of firing him without just cause. The plaintiff was working as a welder when he accused his white co-worker, who was also a supervisor, of using derogatory racial slurs.

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